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Sam Krueger
Branch Manager
Mortgage Advisor
MLO #235803

C: 510.501.1663
O: 510.735.8030
eFax: 510.868.9717

Sam has been a leading Loan Advisor in the East Bay since 2003. Prior to his lending career, Sam taught English in France for two years and then worked for a quantitative portfolio management consulting firm. His background in education and finance enables him to expertly explain the nuances of financing choices and clearly articulate the home lending process. A Bay Area resident since 1983, Sam graduated Summa Cum Laude with the highest Honors from Brandeis University.  


Here's what some of Sam's clients say:

As first time homebuyers, we needed a lot of help navigating the mortgage process. Sam was endlessly patient in explaining the intricacies of home loans, prompt in replying to questions, and adept at ensuring that we completed everything in a timely manner. Above all that, he got us solid loans with great interest rates and even found some additional ways to save us money. Sam did an incredible job as our loan consultant, and we look forward to working with him in the future.
— Russ A. & Susan W. - Albany, CA
Countless time I have referred my buyers to Sam Krueger. Client after client reports a great experience: He expertly recommends the best loan product and is very clear and thorough when explaining the lending process. (This is particularly critical with first-time homebuyers.) When Sam pre-approves a buyer, I enter the bidding process with complete confidence that Sam has thoroughly verified that buyer’s ability to make the purchase and I know that we will close on time. In every cover letter I write to listing agents, I express my confidence in Sam. Using his name, helps me get my offers accepted! I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Maggie Resnick, Realtor
When recommending mortgage brokers, I always speak very highly of Sam Krueger. Sam has it all—deep knowledge and experience, diligence in handling every aspect of the loan process, and a friendly reassuring demeanor which goes hand in hand with his intrinsic honesty. He gets my clients the best rates possible and comes through every time, even in complicated situations. When I need reliable five-star results, I put Sam’s name at the top of the list
— Romney O'Connell, Realtor
Sam is exactly what you’d want in a loan consultant – he’s calm, cool, hard-working and matter-of-fact. He is smart, ask all the right questions – of you and of the loan agencies - and is always on top of your process and the next steps. We felt that we were in good hands from beginning to end.
— Tania B. – El Cerrito, Ca